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Skating Kitty: Official Mascot of Cat's Lair Skating Pages

Skating Kitty

Cat's Lair Official Mascot

Skating Kitty was originally supposed to be a prize for a skater at the 1997 Nationals. But I got sick in Nashville and Skating Kitty thought she would stay with me and cheer me up. Since then she has become the Catslair mascot. She goes to all skating events with us and does the double duty of cheering on the skaters and keeping Marshall amused (her necklace has bells.)

Skating Kitty loves skaters and skating very much. She especially loves all the wonderful skaters who send thank you notes for the pictures we send them. Her favorite lady skater is Michelle Kwan. Her favorite man is Todd Eldredge, who she considers to be very dreamy.

Updated: Tuesday, 13-Mar-2001 23:39:50 EST