Truffle is so named because of her resemblance to a cinnamon sprinkled chocolate truffle. Her nickname is Maniac because of her fondness for, well maniacal behavior. She is fond of walking along the curtain rods, up high is her favorite place. She loves to run up and down the hallways as if the demons of heck were after her. She also, alas, bites you when she doesn't want to be petted or combed or just feels like letting her inner jungle beast out.

Truffle's mom was a feral cat and Truffle has a lot of feral in her. When Truffle was a kitten her mom brought her and the rest of the litter to a man who left food out for her. The man brought Truffle and her siblings to the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and that is where we got her. She only lived in the wild for a few weeks, but she seems to be convinced that she is a wild jungle cat.

Truffle does not like strangers, especially children. When our nieces and nephews come to visit she spends days hiding under our bed. She likes to wander around my dresser in the middle of the night and knock things off to the floor. She can be very sweet to us, but then she'll suddenly bite for no apparent reason. What can we say, she's a maniac.

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